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Macau UePay Co., Ltd. is a licensed Internet payment and mobile payment company, as well as a leading provider of payment solutions in Macau.

Macau UePay Introduction

Macau UePay Co., Ltd. is a licensed Internet payment and mobile payment company, as well as a leading provider of payment solutions in Macau.

Based on the rapid development of the Internet, UePay is in line with the strong demand for electronic payment by SMEs and local people in Macau. We conduct innovative research on payment technology and cooperate extensively with local banks in Macau to launch efficient and convenient integrated payment services. The advanced electronic payment has been put into Macau, so that Macau SMEs, local residents and Macau residents can truly enjoy convenient, safe and stable electronic payment services, which will add to the construction of Macau’s “Smart City”.


In the future, UePay hopes to provide more comprehensive services to enterprises and individual users in various scenarios such as consumption, financial management, food, clothing, housing and marketing, and become a comprehensive service platform for Macao. At the same time, UePay hopes to integrate the electronic payment system into the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area through the cooperation between Guangdong and Macao, then walk out from Macao, and reach cooperation with Portuguese-speaking countries to expand cross-border financial business.

Mainly for merchants
in living areas

Planned key breakthroughs




Public utility payment


Smart Campus


Mobile phone recharge




Food delivery













9 Major Solutions

We will carry out in-depth mining of the payment link,
open up the mindset and introduce more partners,
and empower the merchants with the solutions provided by the partners.

WeChat Pay


Access to the payment gateway


Smart Taxi


Smart vending machine


Smart print


WeChat Public Account


WeChat membership system


WeChat overseas tour mini program


WeChat Moments Ads


Pay as a pen, map as paper, depicting the smart map of Macau

Macau is a city dominated by gaming and tourism.
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  • Travel Service
  • Food Recommendation
  • Scenic Guide
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Use UePay e-wallet APP, scan code and enjoy cash free payment


Safe and secure

Compatible with multiple banks

Special Merchants

Enjoy WeChat Pay + UePay integrated order services. Scan code and process payment.
  • Soomth and efficient T+1 settlement
  • Detailed performance reports
  • Merchants service center, payment gateway and other high-quality special services

Cooperative merchants

UePay at Macau

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