Building Belt and Road Initiative financial system and making RMB Internationalization

Build Belt and Road Initiative financial system, make RMB internationalization, actively expand financial business at home and abroad, create value for customers, and grow together with brand customers.

Macau UePay

UePay, the payment method in Macao. Surprise! Today, UePay has grown from a payment tool to a one-stop digital life platform. Through the open platform strategy, the company will introduce service providers in various fields, such as digital finance, government affairs and people's livelihood, and local life, to provide one-stop digital life services for consumers.

Malaysia TaPay

Through the introduction of advanced experience and technology and the sharing of technology within Malaysia, we will serve about 32.75 million users across the country with digital wallet, provide mobile payment and digital financial inclusion services, and realize the vision of a cashless society in Malaysia.

Responsibilities & Mission

We believe that technology is the greatest good of our time. “Connect the World Through Payments”, we uphold the principle of public welfare, business practices, and the power of science and technology to bring more equal opportunities to the world.